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 in the name of the debt

I give my inheritance 

150000 €




Beneficiaries of my inheritance  :



   - PETA association - UK branch


   - fondation BRIGITTE BARDOT - France


   - association L214 - France


   - association sea shepherd -  French branch


   - association domaines des Douages - France


   - association WELFARM - France


   - association GAIA - Belgique


   - écologie au centre - France  - political party


   - animal generation  - France  - political party


   - refuge of doctor MANSOUR - Tunisia


   - association towards a better world (no website)


- Buziness support :

       -  RIPAI (in creation) revegetation of plates in public establishments in the Lyon region - France

(website under construction)

       -  DROLE de ZEBRE: integrating the animal issue into public procurement


-   Other action:

sterilization of stray cats







Around the age of 12, Gauthier JOURNET began to become aware of the consequences of his diet on living things. As time passed, he decided to become a vegetarian and became one 35 years ago. Because of his upbringing, he feels he has inherited a guilt-inducing and seriously unethical diet. The idea of debt to the animal kingdom (especially farm animals) and its compensation was born.


Having also inherited 150,000 euros from his parents in 2022, he chose to donate this inheritance to relevant animal protection associations to repair this debt. He wants to take advantage of the allocation of these donations to publicize his approach. The goal is to bring the widest possible audience to reflect on the consequences of our food and to make it, why not, evolve in a more ethical direction. The donations will mainly go to whistleblowers who denounce mistreatment, to projects aimed at collecting animals that have survived butchery and to structures promoting a dietary transition to vegetarianism.

Video text:


My name is Gauthier JOURNET, I am an employee of the largest structure in France and politically uncommitted.


Regardless of all of this and to explain the title of this video, I have been thinking for a long time that we owe a debt to animals because of our way of life.

- food, clothing, entertainment...

I have certainly almost eliminated my share of responsibility in these areas for the future by becoming almost vegan for many years now.


On the other hand, for the past and because of the education that I received, and since I had the usual and classic behavior of the French in terms of food until the age of 23, I am also indebted.


Having received an inheritance from my parents of €150,000 and in this context, I decided to donate all of this sum to animal protection associations as a start of compensation for the family debt towards animals. This has its origins in the same areas of consumption, but especially food. If we push the reflection further, a debt is the result of causing harm to others. As soon as we morally include animals in the notion of "others", we can consider that it is in fact all of humanity that has a debt. This is colossal and increasing every day.

We have already heard of debt on several occasions, in particular towards nature for its destruction, but never towards animals which, in the end, remains the heaviest, given the number of victims. The ultimate goal of my approach is to highlight this notion of debt and, by this fact, to bring everyone and our society to think about changing our behavior towards animals. How can we stop harming them and how can we pay our debt to them.


In addition, a photo contest will be organized each year concerning farm animals.







The genesis :


Quite young, probably around 12-13-14-15 years old, the fact of killing living beings on purpose just to eat them challenged me. As time passed, I put myself in the shoes of these victims and told myself that I would not like to have the same thing done to me.

I therefore felt that mistreating and stealing a living being's life as both unacceptable and unfair, even to feed myself, as I can easily do otherwise, In my head and over time, I decided to give up eating what I considered to be corpse. The very idea of eating it makes me want to throw up more than anything.

The unpleasant feeling of being a scavenger. Living with my parents and wanting to avoid conflict with them, I waited until I was financially independent of my parents to become a vegetarian at the age of 23. With my parents, the transition was not serene as the cultural weight is important and fixed. Insensitive to my arguments, I was only entitled to an opposition – which I had nothing to do with.

On the other hand, the absence of a positive reaction to my ethical arguments made my parents appear to me as egocentric, even selfish people and indifferent to the suffering and mistreatment of animals.


This made me tell myself that when I inherit from them I will give their money, which I will receive in the form of an inheritance, to animal protection associations. This is to try to compensate for the consequences of their indifference. The idea of debt to the animal kingdom was born.

I specify here that I did not blame them because I know that cultural resistances are the most difficult to overcome mentally.

But on the other hand, their money would be used to compensate the descendants of their indirect victims when they would have liked this money to remain in the family. Concerning me, I did not inherit only money. Through my upbringing, I inherited an unethical and guilt-inducing diet. Even though I was not responsible of this fact and I ended up giving it up when I realized things, I also had the same debt, unfortunately.

Far beyond myself and my family, I quickly considered that all of humanity has the same debt. This one is colossal and getting worse day by day.


The donation


My relationship with money is particular. 3 aspects:

1-I consider that it is the worst invention of the human being and that it ended up corrupting the spirits. When you think about it, money is at the root of almost all the evils that ravage humanity: delinquency, war, slavery, theft, exploitation, fraud, kidnapping, unemployment, misery, corruption...

2- the very notion of inheritance linked to someone's death: "I no longer have my parents but in exchange I receive money". I have a lot of trouble with that.

3-The only money I consider is mine. that of my parents: theirs. If the money is there and I should  inherit it, I might as well use it for good things rather than hoarding it or spending it on some self-centered futility.


Since I was going to give this inheritance, it was necessary as such, to take advantage of it to try to confront as many people as possible with this notion of debt towards animals. The goal is that they become aware of it and end up questioning their own behavior, and its consequences, in terms of respect they have, or not, towards non-human living beings. The idea of media coverage was born. I therefore hope for the widest possible and international media impact so that the greatest number of people evolve, under the influence of their bad conscience over time, in the direction of vegetarianism or better still veganism. This idea of media coverage is much more important than dispatching and the very use of the sum. The press conference is one thing, but I rely more on the dissemination of my approach via social networks.

Note that the donations will go towards the origin of the family debt: meat consumption. If there had been hunters or aficionados in the family, I would have also made a donation in this direction. More specifically, the donations are essentially directed towards

- the structures that provide assistance to farm animals, mainly

- whistleblowers who report abuse and unacceptable behavior.

- the structures that help and encourage the migration to a vegan diet and the consideration of animal issues